Work to Eat


“For even when we were with you, we used to give you this order: if anyone will not work, neither let him eat” 2 Thessalonians 3:10

Good day C.O.S. readers!

Last year, my hubby was thinking about retiring.  He had severe hip pain which made it impossible for him to do his job.  The doctor was trying to get him to put off surgery for as long as possible.  When he went to the doctor, he agreed however, that it was time.  Well, since he had to have surgery, why not make it time to retire?  Since we are not exactly the same age though, it would be more financially practical to wait till I was also ready to retire and then do it together.

Apparently we(hubby and I) are nearing the end of our working years of life, that is the career by which one supports oneself and makes a living. For us it is a big step and one we could not even imagine some almost 40 years ago…wow! has it really been that long?  Even though we approach retirement, my hubby has a pension and Social security, but still we wonder, will it be enough? Are we really ready for this?  Is there some type of part time job we could get to supplement our income and/or work at home to earn some income. These are options we are presently exploring.

For the most part, I have been a stay at home mom the majority of my married years. Yes, I did work when we married for several years, but then hubby changed jobs and we had to move to different city, so I quit at the time. I decided it was a good time to go back to college and finish my degree which I did. Hubby was gone a lot traveling in his job so I had plenty of time. I enjoy studying and reading, so even though I felt old amidst all the younger students and it was pretty intense in the quarter system, I finished my degree and did well. I could have started substitute teaching then, but by the time I finished and graduated, discovered I was pregnant with our first child. I would have had to start work about the time the child was due and I really didn’t want to try to juggle going to work full time as well as caring for a newborn.

Hubby’s job was going well and we could support ourselves on one income, so I decided I’d rather be full time mom and give our child my full attention because she deserved that. I was a new mom and wanted to learn to do my best with that before taking on other obligations. We ended up with four children and decided to home school them. Homeschooling and maintaining a household is a job in itself, and although I did get offered a job during those years; I still didn’t seen the point of in essence just working to send my kids to school, when they could be taught at home. It seemed it would be less stressful for the family if I just stayed home and taught the kids, had our own schedule and adapted a bit to when  hubby worked.  He was doing fine job wise and though we tried to be thrifty and a couple times tried out multi-level marketing; for the most part we survived as a one income family. Once again right now, the kids are grown and have jobs of their own. I am presently working part time as a substitute and my husband has only a couple years left to retire.

What are our options at this point? A pension, and social security as long as it lasts. Medicare kicks in at 65 also. But we have a good sized house and we are thinking it might be time to downsize that also. Perhaps we might need some financial advice on how to handle our retirement income. Maybe we can start by slowly  cutting back on certain costs so as to start putting more toward retirement.  Make sure the house is paid off first, take care of any college bills, cut back on credit cards, etc. Has anyone heard of Financial Peace? That is an organization with great information to help one get out of debt. Yes, those are probably some of the first steps we need to be working on.

We are more than willing to do our part whenever we can to work and earn our living, even if the means are changing.  Being responsible and was in the use of ones’s funds is important too.  In the future we can discuss more specifically about the different areas we need to work. If you have any suggestions or recommendations of what has worked for you, let us know.  More to come in later posts!

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.”

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