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“Therefore, be careful how you walk, not as unwise men, but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil.”  Ephes. 5:15,16.

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I have  been wondering a lot more lately about transitioning into retirement.  What is transitioning anyway?    As I looked it up I came across a definition like this:  “a movement, process, change from one stage, state, position, subject, etc; to another”.     When I try to do research I find there is a lot out there about transitioning into retirement.  I have read about as little as 3 stages up to 6 or 7.   Hubby has been talking about it and we know it is approaching.  Since I know definitely that it is coming soon,  what do I expect?  Will things flow smoothly?  Will I have to make major adjustments or major decisions and if so, can I start now or do I have to wait till it is imperative or legal to make certain decisions?


Life is managed a lot in  stages.   In my own  life,  I can personally think of many transitions I have made through the years. I am remembering , for example, from childhood to adulthood, from singleness to marriage, from childless to fruitfulness, from spring season to autumn season, from non-believing to believing.  We can find stages life, stages of death, stages of marriage or divorce, stages of grief or loss, stages of love, stages of pregnancy, stages of change, of sleep,  and stages of dementia or cancer.   Therefore, why not talk about stages of retirement?   It helps to break events up into stages that we can go through a little bit at a time.  It is easier to measure our progress and makes the events of life more manageable.   The stages of retirement can be found on quite a few different sites.

Not only can you find the different stages of retirement, but you can find websites that deal with  just financial preparation, others with psychological aspects, and still others discuss the emotional aspects.

I will mention the emotional stages here briefly.  I found these on this site   and is mentioned in at least one other blog I know of.

  • Pre-retirement-The Planning time
  • The Big Day-Smiles, handshakes, farewells
  • Honeymoon Phase- I’m Free!
  • Disenchantment-This is it?
  • Reorientation- Building a New Identity
  • Routine-Moving On


Right now, I am in the planning stage of transitioning to retirement,  so what does that mean?  Yeah, retirement is in the future.    Our health is fairly good and our house is paid for.  Perhaps adjusting the budget is the next thing to work on.   Then maybe down sizing and or moving from our nice sized home to a smaller one.  Also I  definitely think we will need part-time jobs for each of us focus on.  Besides that we should be able to focus on some hobbies, maybe go traveling?  I am one who dislikes changes and if I have to change, would rather do it gradually; easing into it.  Just thinking about all these changes almost overwhelms me,therefore the more time I have to prepare, the better it usually goes for me.

However, one article I read said this:  “As reality sets in, only 24% of boomers express confidence that they will have enough resources in retirement vs. 37% five years ago.”  Therefore, it is a concern.  My understanding is that the millennial generation now outnumbers the baby boomers, but some 60 million or so boomers is a good portion of the present population.  Conclusively, we need to get busy planning boomers!   It is fast approaching.

But to sum it all up,  transitioning to retirement will involve and affect everyone in a family in some way. Planning and preparing is  not something that should be taken lightly.  From financial changes, physical changes, changing living arrangements, social activities, emotional and spiritual changes…….. Be serious and thoughtful about how all this will play out and don’t just take it for granted in our changing economy that everything will work out.   “Also in terms of the difficulties that come with retirement whether it is health or financial, I think these are crucial conversations to be having with the next generation. It is really a family project when people retire, and financial or health problems are a natural part of almost every families’ lives and members should discuss how everybody collectively be clear-eyed and speak frankly about what a future is and how to best plan.”

One assurance I do hang on to in spite of all the changes that may come, our God remains the same. He is timeless and unchanging, and for Him one day is as a thousand years. Though all His works may come to end, “But Thou art the same, And Thy years will not come to an end.” Psalm 102: 27  I am so grateful I have an unchanging God to see me through this transition into retirement as well as all the other transitions in life.

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“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”  Fred Rogers

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  1. Dina, this is a great list and article. We need it as hubs goes into retirement, hopefully by year’s end. and I’m so glad that Jesus stays the same!

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